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The Origins of the Vampire Myth
It is certainly no coincidence that Bram Stoker chose the Balkans as the home of his famous vampire. The Balkans were still basically medieval even in Stoker’s time. They had only recently shaken off the Turkish yoke when Stoker started working on his novel and the superstitions of the Dark Ages were still prevalent. More>>

The Vampire Diaries returns for the second season with fun-filled episodes that even newbies to the series can appreciate. It’s True Blood, minus the truly disturbing sex scenes and overbearing “historical” accuracies. It’s Twilight, plus better actors and weekly installments. More>>
True Blood
Sookie gives careful consideration to a life without vampires of any kind. While secretly planning a perfect payback for Russell, Eric deals with his feelings of right and wrong. Tommy's latest overstepping boundaries leaves Sam in a rage. More>>

Listen to some Goth Music
Goth music encompasses a number of different styles. Today, the goth music scene thrives in Western Europe - especially in Germany, with large festivals such as Wave-Gotik-Treffen, M'era Luna and others drawing tens of thousands of fans from all over the world. However, North America still sees large scale events, recently, Chamber's Dark Art & Music Festival. More>>

Let Me In
If you are like me, you always worry when you hear that there will be yet another US adaptation of an European or Asian movie. This was my exact feeling about the US adoration of the cult Swedish vampire movie Let The Right One InMore>>
Priest, the movie looks more exciting up, with its vampires and warrior. At San Diego Comic Con 2010, Stewart and Tartakovsky presented an amazing animated prologue for the movie . More>>
 30 Days of Night: Dark Days
Vampire comics are big in San Diego right now. Even bigger? Vampire comic book adaptations. Catch your first look at the 30 Days of Night sequel, Dark Days . More>>

Based on Robert Kirkman's very dark, very bloody graphic novel chronicling a team of survivors trying to, you know, survive in the Zombocalypse, Frank Darabont created The Walking Dead TV series for AMC. You will not be disappointed. More>>

Underworld 4
Underworld's creator Len Wiseman, confirmed at the San Diego Comic-Con that his wife Kate Beckinsale, who played the main charted in the first two movies,will return to the franchise for the forth movie. More>>

True Blood
The True Blood series creator Alan Ball, confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con 2010 that there will be a forth season of True Blood. More>>

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