Count Dracula's powers and limitations

cover of Classic Illustrated
Count Dracula's powers
  • he is potentially immortal
  • he drinks the blood of others to survive
  • he has the strength of twenty men
  • he can shape-shift into the form of a wolf or a bat
  • he can appear as mist or elemental dust
  • he has no reflection in a mirror
  • he casts no shadow
  • he has hypnotic power over his victims
  • he can turn victims into vampires

Count Dracula's limitations
  • he may not enter a household unless he is invited in
  • he loses his supernatural powers during daylight hours
  • he must sleep on the soil of his native land
  • he can cross running water only at the slack or the flood of the tide
  • he is repelled by garlic and holy symbols (crucifix, holy water)
  • he can be destroyed by driving a stake through his heart and decapitating him
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